3D Street Painting 4D Augmented Reality WOWs for Cadillac

The Future is Here, 3D Street Painting 4D Augmented Reality

Moving forward in innovative and exciting directions with 3D street painting has always been a priority in my work as a professional artist. Recently I had the terrific opportunity to exercise those values when I was approached by Cadillac to create 4 distinct 3D street painting installations in 4 major US cities, which were then paired with 4D Augmented Reality technology – for an innovative approach to marketing and advertising applications using 3D street painting 4D augmented reality.

The 3D Street Painting augmented reality events proved extremely successful in that the social media statistics were off the charts – close to 1 million impressions from this campaign alone! Check out this amazing video on how it worked on site – from 3d street painting, to app to viewer interface. Not only were the viewers wowed by our illusionistic art, they were then really impressed with the application showing the new ATS navigating the same terrain in the iPad as had been seen in the ATS vs. the World commercials, brought right to their own cities.
For more information on how you can get involved in 3D street painting with 4D creations using Augmented Reality & Animation, contact us at:info@tracyleestum.com or Call Justin Sudds at 604-734-5945

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